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What kind of products are we looking for?
We love distinctive original fashion clothing & designs which stands out. Especially limited edition items, design innovations, luxury goods, debut items, iconic items, custom-made or bespoke services, rare goods, exclusive lines, one-offs!

What Categories?
Clothing and accessories designs, original home-ware and lifestyle products.

How do Transactions work?
When an order is placed at Its My Generation, the Customer is buying goods from you, the Seller. We will send you an order confirmation email. Its My Generation enables the transaction between Buyer and you, the Seller. We process each customer's payment in our secure online checkout. We also offer the Customer a single-point of contact, so they can speak to us about any questions they might have about your product and to organise returns.

Who do I invoice when I receive an order?
When you receive an order, Its My Generation has already received payment in full from the Customer and is holding the money on your behalf. You should create an invoice from you to the Customer. Your invoice should include the following details:

* Your business name and address
* Your VAT or Tax number (if you have one)
* Order Date
* Customer's Name and Shipping Address
* Item Name and Description
* Quantity
* Price (Excluding Tax)
* Shipping (if applicable)
* Tax (if applicable)
* Order Total
* Payment Status: PAID

What documents should I attached to each package that I ship?
You should print and attach the invoice securely in an adhesive transparent envelope to the outside of each package that you ship. This provides the customer with a necessary official invoice for their records and should they want to claim back any tax.

How are Its My Generation fees collected?
Each month, Its My Generation will email you an invoice outlining all of your sales that month and any fees due on those sales. Your earnings for the month are automatically transferred to your PayPal/Bank account minus any fees that are owed to Its My Generation. No action is needed on your behalf.

Can I specify my own Shipping terms?
Yes. You are responsible for shipping your items to your customers, so you choose which countries you want to ship your items to, and how much it costs. You can also reward customers who spend over a certain amount with you with a free shipping offer. It is important that you obtain a tracking number for each delivery, to avoid heartache should the item go missing in transit. Your packaging and delivery accuracy says a lot about your business and it’s commitment to provide that extra care and attention we don’t find at the regular High Street check outs or large mainstream online websites. 

How do Returns, Cancellations and Refunds work?
When you signup, you provide a returns address and agree to act in accordance with our standard returns policy (made-to-order items do not have to be refunded if you choose not to). We will generate a personalised returns label for customers that wish to return an item to you. You must contact us as soon as you have received the returned item, and confirm its condition. Any refunds to the Customer are organised by Its My Generation. If you have already been paid for the sale, we will charge the cost of the refund by sending an invoice to you directly.

If a customer cancels an order before they have received it, we may confirm with you whether or not the item has been shipped yet. If it has not, we will ask you to refrain from Shipping the item and the item will be marked as “Cancelled”.

Who handles Customer Service?
It My Generation provides customers with a single Customer Service platform. Customers can contact us via email, online message, telephone or in writing. If the Customer has a product query that we cannot answer, we will put them in touch with the Seller directly.

Why was my application for a Seller Account not approved?
Please note: we turn away more products and sellers than we allow in, to ensure the product range is right. Your product must fit with our requirements (see top of page), and the Its My Generation team must love your product. We aim to offer our consumers a hand-picked selection of the best products that we can find. Please do not be deterred if your product is declined by us, and by all means re-apply with different products, or better quality images if that is the issue.

International Buying and Selling
Its My Generaton (UK) Limited is a UK Company, complying to UK legislation. Currently all fees are in Great British Pounds Sterling (GBP), and any currency-conversion is handled by PayPal. It is the Seller's responsibility to comply with Tax legislation and any import and export Customs requirements of the sending and receiving countries of the shipment.

I still have questions, who do I speak to?
Please visit the Contact us section of the website to speak to us directly.