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Deck the Halls: Decorating Your Home for Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon, we’ve decided it’s time to get decorative. Here at Its My Generation, we love Christmas and everything about it – but mostly the way that a little Christmas-themed interior design has the potential to turn any home into a Santa’s Grotto of seasonal delights. With the festive home in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of providing a few tips for all you homebodies who love the holidays just as much as we do.

Front Garden

When you have the relatives and friends over this Christmas, the first thing they’ll see is the outside of your house – so this is an excellent place to start! One of our favourite exterior features is creating a magical outdoor Christmas tree by simply stringing fairy lights along a metal frame in the shape of a tree (see below). If you don’t have much of a garden to work with, exploit your footpath or the front steps by lining them with lanterns to create your very own twinkling ‘Merry Christmas’ footpath. Very simple to do – just line the approach to your home with chunky church candles and glass lanterns (with optional fairy lights leading the way to your front door). This is a sure-fire way to wow your guests and make your neighbours super jealous!christmas tree

If your guests still aren’t in the Christmas spirit, they sure will be when they reach your door. Wreaths are a classically beautiful way to dress up your front door and – we can’t encourage this enough – add accessories! To everything! Personalise the wreath by tying a bright red ribbon around it and adding a little message board with a festival greeting to all of your guests. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on even the worst of Scrooges this Christmastime.

door flowers

Christmas Dining Table

What’s the next best part of Christmas after the presents? If you said Christmas dinner, then we’re with you one hundred percent. The dining table is where you will spend a large portion of your Christmas Day, so it needs to be looking pristine and fabulous. Let’s begin with place cards for all of your dinner guests – what we like to do is make nicknames for each guest and give them plenty of time to work out who’s who! Then, on the opposite side of the place card, have a question or a joke written on. Get the conversation going the moment they sit down!

The centrepiece is the most important feature on your Christmas dinner table, so there’s a lot of pressure riding on choosing the right centrepiece which is an aesthetic delight without being an obstructive one. Why not create your very own Winter Wonderland on the table by carefully placing miniature candles inside of small mason jars? Surround the candles with some real evergreen conifer branches, acorns and pomegranate and hey presto – your work is complete. It doesn’t get in the way and really does bring the table to life.

Christmas Trees

We couldn’t leave out our most treasured Christmas feature. The Christmas tree is a staple of the festive season, no matter the shape, size or colour. Anything goes! Whether you’ve got a six footer or a table top tree (size doesn’t matter here, ladies) –it’s all about bringing family and friends together. At Its My Generation, we like to think there’s no wrong way to decorate a Christmas tree. But if you’re looking for a little guidance, here are a couple of tips to get you started.

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Fluff your tree up
  3. Pick a main colour
  4. Match to your room décor
  5. Use ribbon
  6. Personalise it! 

These simple but effective methods of making your home just that little bit more festive is a great way to get you and your family in the mood for some Christmas fun after a long, hard year. If you do take any of our advice, we’d love to see some pictures of your beautiful Christmassy home!

And last, but certainly not least, we at Its My Generation would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!