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New Ways To Recycle... In Style!

Recycling has never been so much fun and stylish as it has been right now! And ReStyled are here to prove it!

They have teamed up with a group of young 16/17 year old students from Altrincham Girls Grammar school to create an exciting range of pencil cases, purses, small bags and large shoppers out of Capri-Sun packets. Their aim is to produce high quality, fashionable, recycled goods to satisfy their potential customers. Collaborating with Young Enterprise, which was founded in 1962 by Sir Walter Salomon, is a fantastic programme to help young people to develop their businesses and get them off the ground.  

Large Shopper

As we all know recycling has become a huge part of our everyday life and so to create products from non-biodegradable materials makes a lot of sense as well as reducing landfill rubbish.

Mini Shopper


One student who has taken part in the project says ‘We chose Capri-suns because many people drink Capri Suns, which makes them a readily available resource for collection. Capri Sun packets are not currently recycled in Greater Manchester but are an excellent material and we believe it shouldn’t be wasted. We think they are a fun and colourful packaging, which is perfect for making a variety of products such as purses, bags and pencil cases. It is durable, waterproof and easy to clean, which is perfect for the majority market of school students.


Pencil case


Abbie Meakin, who is also head of sales, also adds ‘"I feel the project has been extremely successful and has enabled me to build on my skills of leading the sales team and generate a healthy profit margin. I think the products have huge potential in future markets due to the recent hype of eco-friendly products." 

Not only are the students producing a collection that they are proud of but they are also learning about having their own business which in the current climate should be commended.

So let us all take a leaf out of the students of Altrincham Girls Grammar school and ReStyles book and lets Reduce, Re-use and Restyle.



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