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Our Top 5 Dad Blogs this Week

Following our recent blog post on tom mummy blog picks of the week, we thought it only right to extend the love to some weird and wonderful dad blogs which have equally earned their respect and notoriety. Exploring the dad blogosphere was an enriching experience, providing refreshing parental insight, and indeed a distinctly different emotional spectrum. The unparalleled eccentricity and dry wit encountered left us utterly spoilt for choice but after an arduous mental battle, we present this week’s high rollers.

Goodbye, Pert Breasts – Things Every Parent Has Done (But Might Not Admit To)


We’re not going to pretend we weren’t instantly sold on the blog title, and Goodbye, Pert Breasts delivers on every ounce of this initial promise. Ben’s dad blog is not only exceedingly witty and charismatic, but offers a proverbial fountain of parental knowledge, giving it some real substance – thus, we declare it the complete package.

The post in question is an ideal example of the aforementioned fatherhood wisdom, absolving new parents worldwide of what they perceive as their own parental sins, in an admirably candid fashion. It’s no secret that the vast majority of parents have moments, if not entire phases, of thinking they’re the world’s worst, when in fact a wondrous blog post such as this can assure them that the occasional neglect of hysterical babies (and even the sometimes exploitation of them for alibi purposes) is entirely normal – and all part of the glorious if not harrowing tapestry that is parenthood.

Sonny and Luca – Stay at Home Dad Tips


This exquisite blog really did have us at ‘hello’. After habitually checking the ‘About Us’ page, we were immediately blindsided by the site’s crippling charm and aesthetics I’ll describe as ‘to die for’ with no whisper of hyperbole. This stay-at-home dad relates the last 18 months of his life from a father’s perspective, and one which is compelling and just utterly lovely. The blog is full to the brim with gentle charisma and indie sensibility, only enhanced by those aesthetics. Did I mention them? They’re rather nice.

The blog makes our roundup this week because of his ‘Stay at Home Dad Tips’ entry, which is bright, informative and just a little cheeky. The blog is, of course, written for adults, and the occasional sprinkling of naughtiness offers a little mental rejuvenation from which other stay-at-home dads will undoubtedly benefit. An absolute delight.

Kip Hakes – Silent Sunday


Kip’s dad blog is stunningly sharp, demonstrating a boundless wealth of passion and intellect, whatever the topic. Not only are we provided with fatherhood insight by the bucket, but also a plethora of reviews, contemplations and other musings. This blog is a real slice of the world and we love it.

While Kip adequately demonstrates his powerful hold over language throughout the blog, it’s this Silent Sunday post which really shook us up. Blogs are verbal by nature and, in this way, are undoubtedly an effective communicative tool, but it can be so utterly easy to forget the potential of soundless communication. The image of Kip with his son J – which, incidentally, is sublime – requires no textual accompaniment to provide an entirely emotive experience. This refusal to talk for talking’s sake is a genuinely refreshing take on blogging which we urge you to see for yourself.

Black Hockey Jesus – Nothing’s Free


Dad blogs aside, this site boasts the most truly introspective and captivating content we’ve seen in a long, long time. Black Hockey Jesus, as he is known on the internets, writes on a universe of equally compelling topics, from a place so conscious and unique we can scarcely articulate. We are as charmed by the deliberate anonymity as the blog itself – there is a real nobility to writing only for enjoyment and others’ enjoyment, with no desire for credit or gratification. But we couldn’t help ourselves – he must be gratified.

‘Nothing’s Free’ is a recent post on BHJ’s writing motivations, and specifically references his upcoming half-marathon in aid of a cure for juvenile myositis. BHJ mentions his own daughter in this piece – for whom his deep respect and care is felt throughout the blog – resulting in a post which conveys authentic emotion without the slightest breeze of sickly sentimentality. With this post, he demonstrates as well as ever his utter gift for writing, and is really something special, whoever he is.

Gifts from the Pirates – “I Think All Great Innovations are Built on Rejections”


This last, glorious blog comes from an obscenely proud father-of-two whose Lego love is made immediately apparent – which is fine, because our instant connection to this blog was, admittedly, owed in part to the stunning childlike aesthetic. The blog in its entirety is sincere, heartfelt and utterly colourful. His passion for parenting, and indeed his total admiration for his children, is felt at all times, resulting in a blog which delivers on all fronts but aims primarily for the heart (with great success).

This particular post references a quote from American sculptor Louise Nevelson, one that is wholly relevant to the piece. Mr. M has his son Seth write a piece on their exploits with Plus Plus building blocks and the resulting achievements (or frustrations). The post is vibrant and absolutely charming, expressing a child’s perspective on events, which undoubtedly provides the greatest insight into parenthood. The warmth emanating from this blog post, and indeed the site overall, is an invaluable quality – as a dad blog, this is a glittering achievement.

This week we’ve been sincerely captivated by each of these dad blog posts and have found them to be profoundly insightful and emotive. It can often be difficult to remember to be a little self-indulgent once you become a parent, so give these blogs a look for yourself and see what glorious gratification can be found therein.

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