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Our Top 5 Design Blogs

At Its My Generation, we love design of all breeds. From fashion to interiors to fine art, we’re infatuated with the stunning, diverse world we live in and even more so with the innovators by whom it is occupied. Loving visual design means loving visual design blogs, and we have a great many favourites – but not everyone can make the shortlist. These are the blogs we’ve found to be unparalleled in style, insight and design consciousness. Each one lovelier than the last!

The Kitchen Think

kitchenthinkWe love a good kitchen and so does The Kitchen Think. While this site may have a delightfully odd name, the quirk does not end there. The vast appeal of this blog is owed to the immense scope found within the kitchen realm, covering such areas as interior design, DIY, cooking and innovative kitchen-centric technologies, to name a few. The blog demonstrates an enormous wealth of knowledge on all aspects of the kitchen in a vibrant and enlightening way.

Our favourite recent post offers a reflection on ALTO magazine’s reflection on today’s design trends. The post perfectly demonstrates their passion for kitchen interiors, as well as an understanding of on-trend aesthetics – a great post demonstrative of great insight.


upcyclistOur passion for recycled fashion, furniture and art made this one a no-brainer. Upcyclist offers the best of reused, restored and revived materials the world over, for a blog which is utterly refreshing. The site oozes sweet nostalgia and a certain inexplicable, gentle melancholy, not only a joy to read but a pleasure to experience. The beauty of blogs like this is that every aspect of design is bestowed an artfulness, allowing furniture and fashion to be viewed as sculpture and craft, rather than merely in terms of their aesthetic assets.

Our favourite recent Upcyclist offering covers multimedia artist Doug Aitken’s Nomadic Happening kinetic sculptural piece, an instance of true artistic innovation in contemporary culture. The blog post is both relevant to the site’s own motivations and expressive of genuine perceptiveness in design. A lovely blog.

Culture Southwest


Culture Southwest has our love twice. Not only is it a brilliant design blog, but it’s a London blog too. Sigh. The fantastic Southwest London-centric site presents an unimaginable variety of art, photography and interiors from across our favourite city. The focus here is placed primarily on image, making for a blog which is stunning in its simplicity, sacrificing impact in no way. It entirely lives up to the promise of providing culture, enlightening the reader as to the beauty and intrigue which can be found in everyday places, if only we were to observe.

Our favourite of their recent blog posts is an image of some fantastic graffiti art found on the streets of London. The post is suitably London-oriented, providing a small glimpse into the wealth of culture found around this wonderful city. Not only that, but the art itself is utterly brilliant, growing awareness for the legitimacy of the art form and securing its place in the world of innovative design.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped


This disturbingly pretty design blog comes from Londoner Rohini Wahi, and she’s rather good. TBTMHS is just wonderful for a multitude of reasons, but Rohini must be given particular praise for her design insight and awareness – the blog is full to the brim with expertly-chosen art, fashion and homeware to make you swoon. The blog reminds us of the magnificent art of selection, and the immense skill contained therein. Rohini is perceptive, intelligent and therefore able to show us the design world through a gorgeous and educational lens.

Our favourite recent post by Rohini presents a dazzling range of cookie cutters from 3D designer Printmeneer. The piece is informative, vibrant and superbly simple, giving us a first-hand look at inventive 21st century design through the eyes of someone we would deem an expert. Her interview is bright and clever and demonstrates her passion to promote worthy design.

Wee Birdy


After we’d spent about ten or fifteen minutes composing ourselves following our first glimpse of that banner – oh, the glorious and delightful banner – it really hit us just how gorgeous this site is. We’re willing to offer a free pass on aesthetics if there’s some solid content, but Wee Birdy is the stuff of dreams and we’d have it no other way. Beyond that, the content is rich, informative and engaging, showcasing a menagerie of design, whether it be fashion, interiors, homeware or whatever else. This blog has many accolades to its name and more than deserves each one of them.

The recent blog post we most love is a guide to classic buys for this month, a piece which is as useful as it is lovely. As indicated by the title, this blog post offers suggestions on the best products to buy this summer which provide the glorious timelessness sought after by fashionistas the world over. The selections are absolutely on-point, indicating an understanding of the fashion timeline and recognition of the kinds of design which never age. Intelligence and charisma – an unbeatable combo, as always.

Let us know what you think of these excellent design blogs and their contributors – we hope you love them as much as we do. Design is a universal and ever-progressive spectrum we’re enormously proud to be a part of.

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