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Our Top 5 Trend-Spotters Right Now

Living in such experimental and progressive times can make it seemingly impossible to stay fully up-to-date with cultural trends. The fashion world particularly is one in which the tides change faster than the tides change, and forward-thinking isn’t even forward enough. With we fashion fanatics spending all Spring drooling over Autumn collections, it’s a truly amazing feat when self-professed ‘trend-spotters’ manage to stay on top of fashion movements –to the point of a little cultural clairvoyance. Here’s a breakdown of the fashion bloggers who have brought us lovingly into the light.

Vanessa Huelse


Vanessa’s gorgeous fashion and lifestyle blog provides a stunning equilibrium of observations and personal insights. This site is the ultimate destination for the scoop on all things high fashion, not to mention an all-inclusive look at day-to-day beauty tips. The blog possesses both an elegance and humility, making it a wildly engaging resource. As readable as it is adorable, we urge you to keep up-to-date on all things fashion with Vanessa Huelse, trend guru.

We really love all of her beauty trend features, but our recent favourite has to be her report on the Summer 2013 ‘Bare-Faced Look’. The piece is just an utterly efficient trend-spot – bright, succinct and informative. Vanessa tells us everything we need to know with a healthy sprinkle of charm and pizzazz, directing us towards the future of fashion in a manner wise enough to be deemed instantly trustworthy.

Flutter and Drum


The Flutter and Drum blog is a remarkably classy affair. Not only does this site provide absolutely on-point trend studies, but also an array of totally legit expert beauty advice, and even a comprehensive calendar of upcoming fashion-centric events. And it’s beautiful too, for goodness’s sake – the total package. Here fashion movements are magnificently observed and expertly documented, offering us a look at the future of fashion in time to be a part of it.

Flutter and Drum’s recent trend post on Oriental fashion influences is an absolute dream. They provide us a wealth of catwalk snaps from a variety of the biggest names in fashion, and they don’t stop there. Those infatuated with any trends they find on here can find an array of gorgeous high street solutions to make sure they’re on top of it. Flutter and Drum have the proactive fashionista well and truly covered.

Jessica Fowler


Jessica Fowler is a seasoned professional in the vein of trend-spotting. Not only that, but she specialises in niche lingerie spots, allowing ladies nationwide to sustain style in the bedroom. The blog is cheeky and girly (just the way we like it) while maintaining a professional, knowledgeable voice throughout. While more general trend blogs offer a wider and subsequently shallower perspective on fashion, Jessica’s lingerie love leaves us in no doubt of her expertise. We surely do appreciate a passion for pants.

Her Fred and Ginger Lingerie spot is our favourite in recent months. Not only does this demonstrate her eye for wonderwear, but also her radar for movements within the fashion sphere. As the brand name may suggest, Fred and Ginger offer some stunning vintage lingerie designs in amongst the mainstream favourites. With the retro revival still in full swing, these delicate neo-50s pieces are perfect for all vintage lovers.

Laura-Jane Preston


Miss Preston is an on-point trend forecaster demonstrating the tenuous link between cultural trends and social media. Her active and sizable social media presence renders her an oracle of the people – she not only comments on established trends within the fashionsphere, but also employs her astute observational skills to predict new trends based on what she finds in media and on the streets. This is a talent to be recognised, considering the awesome speed at which style fads travel.

Laura impressed us recently with her Pop Tropical Neon spot, featured in WGSN. The feature on this hot emerging trend provides a series of puzzle pieces from which a trend tapestry is made. The piece provides both tips and inspiration, making it the perfect Summer companion for anyone looking to stay relevant and exceptionally well-dressed.



This one’s a beauty. Trendbridged stands apart from other trend-spot blogs on account of its involved and engaged slant, exhibiting an emphasis on street style. It’s hard to get closer than this to fashion’s beating heart. The blog covers a glorious spectrum of different areas, even art and lifestyle, but they’re definitely flying the flag for fashion here, with extraordinarily observed and authentically captured street trends oozing from every pore. The realness of the topics and subjects is what most grabs us with Trendbridged – real people on real streets validating trends.

We love little more than street style updates and, as we may have mentioned, the Trendbridged blog provides such updates in sweet, glorious abundance. Our particular favourite is undoubtedly this Feather Fashion piece. The post possesses everything you might expect from an effective trend-spot – observational value, enthusiasm and just a little insider advice – but without the glorious street photography, this post wouldn’t be half of what it is. Whether it be owed to technical proficiency or a spoonful of serendipity, this image of the iridescent feathered jacket is a festival of colour, as well as a real slice of London street style. Brilliant in every sense of the word.

Trend-spotters are absolute godsends, cooking up tasty fashion meals for us before we even know we’re hungry. These style psychics each offer their own unique perspective on fashion movements, allowing us a relative spectrum of style – hot off the press.