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R&R (&R): Three Easy Steps for Feel-Good Beauty from the Outside-In.

Beauty is a commonly misunderstood concept. Many mistakenly think of beauty as a superficial pursuit, placing too great an emphasis on physicality over inner substance. In fact, beauty routines and treatments can be the key to emotional wellbeing. Taking care of the inside stuff can be a monumental task and certainly isn’t something that can happen in a day. So take it one at a time, working from the outside in.


We’ve talked to the experts to find the formula for feel-good beauty and we think we’ve cracked it. Take a look, girls, and soak up those good vibes.

The Routine

For starters, confidence is largely dependent upon stability, so self-enforcing beauty regimes offers a feeling of consistency and, subsequently, empowerment. Taking charge of your time in a way which facilitates self-improvement is a great way to increase your confidence, allowing these regimes to become second nature and providing a real sense of structure for any girl who feels like she needs a daily pick-me-up. The thing all you ladies should remember is that you deserve to feel good every day, so putting aside a little time to serve only yourself can be an enormously comforting and stabilising thing.

On a day-to-day basis, I have a few routines which not only make me feel better about myself but really benefit my skin, which in turn really boosts my confidence. Starting from the top, I wake up every morning and immediately cleanse my skin. Using either a gentle facial scrub or a cleanser on a cotton pad, I wipe away any impurities which may still be on my skin. Then I use a brilliant moisturiser called Re-Gen Cream which really helps to moisturise, but also tightens and reduces any blemishes or scarring on the face. Every evening, I do the exact same thing, removing all of the day’s makeup with cleansers and adding a moisturiser for the evening before bed.

Due to this routine, I feel like my skin benefits massively, always feeling really clean and fresh, reducing spots and blemishes. Combined with drinking only water, reducing the amount of times I touch my face throughout the day and making sure my makeup brushes are clean, this really helps keep my skin looking and feeling amazing. As long as your skin feels fantastic, your confidence and self-esteem will increase leaps and bounds. It's not always about how well you can apply your makeup to make the outside look beautiful, it's about what's underneath your makeup that really counts. If you feel beautiful on the inside, you will look beautiful on the outside.



The Rejuvenation

The loveliest thing about these kinds of beauty routines is that the process itself offers a hugely cleansing experience. Treating yourself to some exfoliation can have as many internal benefits as external ones, providing a feeling of inner peace and refreshment and all that good stuff. The sense of ritual is also a powerful tool – this has many therapeutic properties, able to transform chores into treats. Go organic and be prepared to pay a little extra for the very best ingredients. These are the beauty products with the transformative properties able to really revitalise and invigorate. Whether you’re on the facial cleansers, moisturisers, body scrubs or whichever other skincare delights take your fancy.

The Reward

Now it’s time to reap the benefits. Taking care of these little everyday changes to your routine can wash away some of your external insecurities, making a big difference to your self-esteem and giving you the boost you need to look at things differently. Now, we’re not saying that it’s all about the aesthetics. It’s about projection – if you’re looking and feeling your best, everyone will be able to see that glow.


Wouldn't it be great if we were 100% happy with ourselves, 100% of the time? Unfortunately, we all have our down days, but there are a few little tips that can help boost your confidence and mood, and remind you that hey, you're pretty damn great! We all know that confidence comes from within, but there are a few beauty favourites that'll help improve any down days.

Nothing puts a damper on our confidence quite like bad skin. No one ever leaves a salon appointment feeling worse about themselves, so why not bring the spa to you by freeing up an evening and spending it pampering yourself? Pull out your favourite cleansers, masks and nail varnish for a complete evening of TLC. For a real overnight treat, massage a facial oil into your skin and get ready to reap the rewards in the morning!

Bring more colour into your beauty routine, as we all know colours can have a positive impact on our moods. If the weathers grey and cold outside, why not pop on your brightest neon pink? Or your favourite summer-sky blue? Catching that flash of colour from the corner of your eye will instantly brighten your mood and make you feel great.

The quickest and simplest way to improve confidence is simple - wear what you know works! Trying out a new hair style or a statement lip probably isn't the wisest idea when you're already feeling a bit off. Rack your collection for your favourite make-up bits, whether it's that lipstick you're always complimented on, or that eyeshadow that really brings out your eye colour. Your failsafe makeup favourites are always there to pick up your confidence.


To paraphrase Aussie Hair’s spectacularly insightful motto, “there’s more to life than beauty, but it’s a great place to start.”