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The Mummy's Guide to Halloween

It’s almost that time of year again when the kids are hyper, the doorbell never stops ringing and everyone’s channelling their spirit monster. In this article, Its My Generation want to equip all you mums out there with the tools you’ll need to give your kids the Halloween of their dreams! So get your teeth into this mummy’s Halloween guide and rake in that good karma candy.

Trick or Treating

If your kids are still somewhat anxious about the idea of trick or treating, try a little gentle persuasion to ease them into the process and help them unleash their inner ghouls! Give them some help with the first few doors and then, when you’ve reached the house of a friend or relative, let them try this one alone while you hang back at the end of the drive, remembering to keep them within sight at all times. They’ll soon realise that taking matters into their own hands equals more treats – and you can’t argue with that logic.

One way of generating a Halloween buzz around your housing estate or block is to organise a little get-together of all the families in the area. It’s a great way to let the children mingle and show off their terrifying costumes. Simply get out your garden chairs and tables, send the dads out to trick or treat with the kids while you mummies sit together and spectate the Halloween festivities. Your husbands get to play with torches here too, which guarantees to keep them entertained for an indefinite period of time.

Pumpkin Carving

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a spooky pumpkin or two, and you can make sure your kids have the most expertly-crafted, aesthetically disturbing pumpkins on the street by following these easy steps:

1. Choose your pumpkin wisely – lines on the pumpkin could represent a witches wrinkles while an oddly shaped head could be a Frankenstein in the making!

2. Carving another pattern into the back of the pumpkin can make for some awesome tricks of the light, creating spooky shadows.

3. Paint your pumpkin so it looks equally as scary during the daytime. Maybe try a dark green with blood red splatters for a classic zombie vibe.

4. Let it shine – use either flame-retardant coloured tissue paper or multi-coloured Christmas lights to help add an entire new dimension to your pumpkin.

5. Preserve your pumpkin – pumpkins rot. Keep the bugs, mould and animals well away by spraying it with bathroom cleaner and/or bleach.

6. Make as many pumpkins as you can and fill your garden, so your kids can brag about having the most haunted house on the street.

Costume Design

If you’re a mum without a lot of time on her hands or the money spare for often extortionately priced Halloween costumes, fear not – we have a great no-sweat costume for your baby. Simply locate a permanent marker, write E=mc²  on your baby’s white onesie, apply some hair mousse accordingly, and abracadabra – you’ve got yourself a baby Einstein.

Now for your older kids, you’re going to need something a little more elaborate. Don’t worry, Its My Generation have you covered here, too. This is one of our favourites. Bag of jelly beans costume!

You’ll need a large, clear plastic recycling bag, mini balloons in a range of colours, a ribbon and that trusty Sharpie again. Firstly, write the label on the back of the packet – just make it up, have some fun with it! Then carefully cut the leg and arm holes out of the plastic bag, have your child step into the bag and fill with the mini balloons. Tie the ribbon loosely around the neck making sure it is not possible for the ribbon to tighten any further. See, that’s not so hard, is it? With a little effort and a lot of enthusiasm, you can make your kids’ early Halloween memories unforgettable. Happy Halloweening