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Top 10 Bloggers to Watch in 2013

Shortlist Confirmed!



All through January we’ve been scouring the internet to uncover the top ten bloggers to look out for this year. On our quest we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of blogging within our community; some content has made us laugh hysterically, some has genuinely moved us, and countless blogs have inspired us. It’s been extremely tricky but we’ve managed to whittle down hundreds of favourites to our short-list. With the help of our industry judges we will soon have a final top 10. Read on to find out who’s in the running and why we think they’ve got something special:


Lifestyle Blogs


The Work at Home Woman

What? The one-stop shop for mums and women who want to acquire the skills to work from home
Who? Holly Reisem Hanna from Austin, Texas
And? This blog is a nationally recognised and truly inspirational resource for women from all walks of life, with and without children. Holly brings them intelligent, expert advice on how to get the skills and information they need to kick start a self employed, work from home career

We Heart

What? The go- to guide for all things lifestyle, from cutting edge design to music and fashion
Who? A team of industry experts
And? We Heart is, as their team says, way more than just a blog. It is a place where all things lifestyle come together in an impressively attractive and stylish fashion. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for then this is the kind of site that never fails- amongst its diverse range of features you’re sure to find something appealing

Styling You

What? Helping busy women across the globe to get out of the door each day looking and feeling great
Who? Long-time journalist and fashionista, Nikki Parkinson
And? With content that’s both fun and useful, it’s easy to see why Nikki’s blog has attracted such a huge following. From how to style- up at any event to insightful reviews and features, Styling You makes life that little bit easier for ladies on the go

Mom Trends

What? Helping moms stay in touch with all things cool, from high heels to strollers
Who? Nicole Feliciano, fashion guru and mom
And? Why should mom’s give up high heels when the kids come along? They shouldn’t, is Nicole’s answer- she certainly hasn’t. Mom’s everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief on a visit to Mom Trends. Fashion, beauty, food and health- all the latest tips on what’s hot and what’s not are gathered here with advice from a lady who has earned her place in the blogging hall of fame and really knows her stuff.


Fashion and Beauty Blogs


Beauty Scoop

What? Cutting-edge fashion and beauty news as it happens
Who? Lisa Cowan, fashion and beauty expert
And? Ultimately cool and refreshingly simple, the aim of Beauty Scoop is clear: gather the latest fashion news in one place for all to peruse.

Fashion Tribes

What? Fashion, lifestyle, beauty and diet
Who? The fashion tribe are a team of fashion fanatics and style chiefs with Lesley Scott, fashion and lifestyle expert, acting as editor in chief, and Mark Benkhe as men’s style editor
And? With writing that’s as funky and vibrant as the visual content, this site brings you trends and tastes from the cute to the classy. If there’s a new trend making its way onto our catwalks and high streets, the tribe spotted it last week and already wrote a feature about it!

Sassy Bella

What? Fashion and beauty news with a high-end focus; insight into the history of the industry’s most iconic brands
Who? Editor Helen Lee is a fashion and beauty fanatic with a journalism background
And? This is a fashion blog that doesn’t halt at the latest trends. It covers everything from the design process to trend analysis and industry news. The fashion industry is put under the microscope by a team of experts who present it to their followers from a myriad of interesting angles

Getting Gorgeous

What? Fashion, beauty and shopping for moms including an events based platform for connecting top-tier bloggers with fashion and beauty brands
Who? Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney form a dynamic partnership with their fashion and social media expertise
And? Helping mums to stay firmly in fashion and covering all things kid- cool, this blog is about parenting in style with a media savvy brand collaboration aspect that has seen the Getting Gorgeous ladies building their own mini empire

Fashion Fling

What? A fantastically fun fashion and beauty news site
Who? HilLesha is a 27 year old mother of two with a long standing background in marketing and a passion for fashion
And? This blog is all about the fun side of fashion with a focus on young trends, catchy headlines, colour and an eye for the unique. Instead of following the crowd, HilLesha has done a pretty good job of creating one!

Parent Blogs, Fashion, Lifestyle

Image: Dimattia photography

Parent Blogs


Older Mum in a Muddle

What? ‘The flotsam of a forty-something’s befuddled mind’
Who? Older mum is a forty-something year old Yorkshire lass with a young son, Little A
And? Storytelling and support- they are two things that Older Mum does brilliantly in this laugh-out-loud funny, inspiring and practical blog that will give you a lift or a virtual hug whenever you need it

21st Century Mummy

What? The life, loves and lessons of an expat mum in Singapore
Who? 21st Century Mummy is a mother of two and freelance writer
And? Living abroad and travelling with kids- many want to do it but need advice. 21st Century Mummy writes articles on a huge range of subjects to make it possible for other parents to live their travel dreams

The Mama Bird Diaries

What? The life and times of an admirable mother of five
Who? Kelcey Kintner, a widely published freelance writer and mother
And? With the kind of creative posts that never fail to amuse including ‘guest posts’ from Kelcey’s toddler children, The Mama Bird Diaries offers entertainment and support for stay-at-home parents across the globe

The Adventures of Sonny and Luca

What? The awesome adventures of a stay at home dad
Who? Devoted dad Mark, a with help from his two young boys
And? Heart warming and witty, Mark’s open and honest writing style and ability to make the little things into big fun gives this blog an addictive quality that makes you want to don your slippers, make a pot of tea and settle in for the evening

Dorky Mum

What? ‘Parenting, photography, politics, and anything else that takes my fancy’
Who? Ruth Dawkins lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and young son
And? Who said parenting blogs have to just be about parenting? This blog takes life by the horns and tackles a range of issues from the political to the everyday. Add in some stunning photography and you’ve got yourself a mixed bag of goodies that will keep you entertained for hours

Three Years and Home

What? Thoughts and advice on life, parenting and pregnancy
Who? Wales-born Rachel lives in Switzerland with her husband and two children
And? With tonnes of advice for new mothers, product reviews and pregnancy information, this blog is not only a great resource for mums but is also about a personal journey and a quest for home. A great blog that lets other mum’s on a similar journey know that they’re not alone

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mum

What? ‘The ramblings of a formerly rock ‘n’ roll mum’
Who? Miss Cisco is 39 and lives in west Dorset with her partner and three children
And? This refreshing take on real life from the perspective of an ex-rocker is fun and fresh, with caption Saturday, silent Sunday and plenty of lively action all week long

Lynsey the Mother Duck

What? The life and times of a mother duck and her ducklings
Who? Lynsey is a proud stay-at-home mum with dreams of being an author
And? Lynsey flexes her impressive writing muscles in this eye-opening and inspiring blog that primarily focuses on Disability Diaries covering life with a disabled son. Emphasising the personal journey, breaking down myths and bringing home the truth about disability and getting to the good-stuff in life, this blog is a great place to go for uplifting commentary and insightful info.

Older Single Mum

What? A blog that challenges perceptions about who single mums are and what they’re about
Who? Anya is a stay-at-home single mum with two young boys, blogs with a glass of wine in hand
And? Breaking down perceptions of what it means to be a single mum, this blog is glamorous, inspiring, heartwarming and hilarious. Leave your preconceptions at the door and enter the world of a woman on a mission

Man in his Pyjamas

What? The trials and tribulations of an honest chap just trying to do his best in life
Who? Sam is an ex-thespian comic dad with a love for writing and the funny side of life
And? For stay-at-home parents, or indeed anyone who is just looking for a good laugh, Man in his Pyjamas delivers. Not to be taken too seriously, this is a place to go for some light relief and a good giggle

Which bloggers do you think are the ones to watch? Share your opinions and stay tuned for the ultimate top 10.

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