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Wills and Kate: Parenting the Prince

With the welcome arrival of a new and very little heir to the British throne, it can be easy to forget that this beautiful young couple, while being certified royalty, will experience all the crazy parenthood anxieties we all do. In their position, we imagine it’s pretty difficult to get that much-needed parental advice from the pros.


So we’ve taken this issue to our favourite parents and the wonderful Its My Generation community, in pursuit of some words of comfort and advice for the Duke and Duchess. Here’s what the professionals had to say:

Nicola Lodge via Facebook

“Always kiss them goodnight.”

We love this advice. Becoming a new parent can make it hard to see the trees for the forest. Maintain some perspective and stay on top of the little things – every moment with your little one can be a memory they’ll keep with them forever. And if they’re memories of love, you’ve definitely done something right.

Alison Perry, @notanothermummy

“Kate love, firstly well done on smiling when you met the world's press outside the Lindo Wing this week. I imagine you felt like you'd been hit by a bus, so it can't have been easy. My advice to you in these early weeks is don't put any pressure on yourself (heaven knows you've got enough pressure coming from other places). Just go with the flow. Don't try to do anything apart from cuddle Prince George, feed him and sleep. Everything else can wait. Oh and if you need to have a cry? Just do it. Those hormones are very pesky things. Good luck Kate!”

We couldn’t agree more – it’s impossible to imagine what it must be like raising a child in the public eye, but it’s essential to remember that the two of you are parents like any other. Kate – don’t be afraid to admit you’re overwhelmed. Emotional overload is inevitable and it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Mark Bryce, @sonnyandluca

“Sit on the floor and play.

Read, and play.

Eat, talk, and play.

And never forget to PLAY.”

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


Alison Haywood via Facebook

Enjoy, as every moment is special.”

Absolutely – we know it can be tempting to look forward, but remember that you’ll be longing for these first few months back for years to come. Soak up every second of this magical time and make some beautiful memories.

Ben Wakeling, @benwakeling

"Becoming a father changes you. You have no spare time, no spare money (although that might not be much of a problem for you), and everywhere you go you'll have to take a thousand bags. But beware - fatherhood changes you in other ways, too! You'll find yourself welling up over the most ridiculous things: after I became a dad I found myself almost in tears when a baby elephant died on 'Planet Earth', and ever since I held my first child six years ago, the John Lewis adverts have left me in a blubbering wreck. Leave all the macho-ness to Harry - you're a softie now!”


New fathers can find it especially difficult, as man-to-man advice is often few and far between when it comes to parenthood. But Ben tells it like it is – embrace your sensitive side, Wills. You’ve got a whole new person to live for now and that can and should be something which scares you. But it’s also pretty wonderful.

Frances Day via Facebook

“Parents are like shepherds – you can't force children to do anything they don't want to do, all you can do is guide them.”

So true. Parenting isn’t about controlling your child but about showing them the way. You can provide any amount of advice and guidance but ultimately they’re making their own decisions and this is something which should be celebrated. Give your son the very best of yourselves and then let him grow into his own man.

Pauly, @pirategifts

“There is nothing that anyone can say that will prepare you for the overwhelming feeling of the birth of your child. This child will take president over everything and is more important than anything else but don't forget about each other, make sure your child sees everyday how in love you are, it is important to their development.

Every single day will be filled with special moments, these moments – no matter how trivial some may seem – need to be cherished. Never take anything your child does for granted.

“Of course there will be challenges, but one of the main challenges is not listening to other people’s advice and making decisions that you know are right for your family, using the finely-tuned bond you have with your child. No-one knows them better than you, yet everyone around you suddenly becomes a baby expert. If you listen to your child, fully embrace your family life and put everything you have in to it, your child will reward you in ways you never thought possible.”

Gloriously accurate. Never underestimate the parent and child bond and, equally importantly, never underestimate yourself. George may be the country’s new heir, but he’s your new son – as long as he feels love and encouragement from you every day, little else matters.


So there you have it, Wills and Kate. Parenthood can be an intimidating and overwhelming prospect, but as long as you remember to show the little fella that he is loved and supported every day, it should be smooth sailing. Our experts know what they’re talking about.

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